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Project Updates
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

MWRA’s Capital Improvement Program consists of projects to modernize and improve the wastewater and waterworks systems serving 61 member communities in eastern and central Massachusetts. Projects range from upgrading treatment facilities to construction of new storage facilities to replacement of 100-year old pipelines.

Some of these projects take place within city streets and can have impacts on neighborhoods. MWRA’s Community Relations department works with municipal staff and residents to ensure good communications during these projects.

Regular updates on on-going projects can be found here:

Construction Projects

Communities Project Update
Waltham Section 101 Extension 05/17/2024
Melrose Section 70 Maintenance Work 05/17/2024


Intermediate High Pipeline Improvements - Rehabilitation of Sections 24 and 25 Water Mains : Contract 6956 5/16/2024


Wachusett Dam Lower Gatehouse Pipe Repair Project Contract 7380 04/12/2024

Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester and Woburn

Section 89 Northern Intermediate High Pipeline Replacement: MWRA Contract 7117 04/02/2024
Arlington Section 61 02/22/2024
Winthrop Revere Street PRV Station – Winthrop 02/05/2024

Boston and Newton

Section 23, 24 and 47 Water Mains - Boston and Newton: MWRA Contract 6392 12/22/2023


Northern Extra High Pressure Zone Improvements - Section 63: Contract 6522 08/25/2023
Quincy Nut Island Odor Control and HVAC Improvements: MWRA Contract 7548 07/11/2023

Boston, Medford

Weston Aqueduct Supply Main PRV Improvements: Contract 7563 06/13/2023


Eastern Avenue / Willoughby Street Project: MWRA Contract 7915 05/05/2023
Arlington, Medford and Somerville Weston Aqueduct Supply Main Rehabilitation (WASM) - Arlington, Medford and Somerville: MWRA Contract 6544 03/29/2023


Section 53 and 99 Improvements: Contract 7485 03/03/2022
Quincy Braintree-Weymouth Pump Station Improvements: MWRA Contract 7435 03/03/2022


Somerville Tide Gate 01/20/2022

Archive of updates for completed projects

State Revolving Fund projects

Projects in Design

Communities Project Update

Metropolitan Water Tunnel Program

Updated Regularly
Lynn and Revere MWRA - Update for Section 56 Saugus River Crossing Project (Contract 7454) 05/01/2024
Malden and Melrose MWRA Interceptor Renewal No. 7: Contract 7217 04/01/2024
Boston, Milton, Quincy

Section 22 and Section 21 Rehabilitation Project


Quinapoxet Dam Removal (Contract 7347)

Arlington, Belmont, Newton and Watertown

WASM 3 - Intermediate High Pipeline Improvements Project- Watertown, Belmont, Arlington and Newton: MWRA Contract 6955

WASM 3 Water Main Repairs: MWRA Contract 6539

Malden and Medford MWRA - Update on MWRA Contract 7540, Medford and Malden Water and Sewer Rehabilitation 09/13/2017

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Updated May 17, 2024