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Updated February 1, 2022


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Section 101 Extension - Waltham

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About this Project:

The Northern Extra High (NEH) Pressure Zone provides water to Arlington, Bedford (through Lexington), Belmont, Lexington, Waltham, and Winchester.  The six communities are supplied an average of 11.55 million gallons per day (MGD) from MWRA.  Water is pumped to these communities and into storage facilities in Arlington, Lexington and Waltham by three pumping stations:  Spring Street Pumping Station, Brattle Court Pumping Station, and Lexington Street Pumping Station.  The pumping stations draw water from the Norumbega Covered Storage Facility via the Weston Aqueduct Supply Main 3 (WASM 3).

In January 2021, the MWRA hired CDM-Smith & Green International Affiliates, Inc. to complete the design a new water main in the city of Waltham - MWRA Section 101 Extension. The design includes a new 36-inch diameter water main and appurtenances, which will supply Waltham from the MWRA's Northern Extra High (NEH) system by adding a new pipeline, extending Section 101, from Waltham's Meter 182 at the Waltham/Lexington town line down Lexington Street to Totten Pond Road where it would connect to Waltham's water system. This connection provides a new redundant water supply to the Waltham's Prospect Hill Service area from the NEH pressure zone and to MWRA's Lexington Street Pump Station. This connection, in an emergency, can provide a partial water supply to NEH north from the Lexington Pump Station. Also as part of the water main project, the MWRA will be replacing some of Waltham's water, sewer and drain utilities in Lexington Street.

The construction will take approximately 18 months. NTP Construction will begin work in April 2022 and expected completion in 2023.

Project Updates

February 1, 2022

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Updated: April 29, 2022
Original Post: February 1, 2022