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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


September 6, 2023


Katherine Ronan, Project Manager, Environmental Permitting, 857-892-1742

Section 22 and Section 21 Rehabilitation Project (Contract 7155)

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About this Project:

The Project involves rehabilitation of portions of MWRA’s Section 22 and Section 21 water pipelines in areas of Boston, Milton and Quincy. These pipelines are critical components of MWRA’s drinking water system and deliver water to customers in these communities. The purpose of this rehabilitation Project is to restore the pipelines to their full function and ensure reliable delivery of safe and clean drinking water to customers in these communities, now and into the future. 

Section 22 was constructed in 1950, is approximately 16,000 feet long, and is composed primarily of 48-inch-diameter unlined steel pipe. Portions of Section 22 are located in the Neponset River Estuary Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). A 650-foot-long portion of Section 22 runs under the Neponset River, which is composed of 52-inch-diameter concrete-lined steel pipe. Section 21 was constructed in the early 1900s, is approximately 3,600 feet long and is composed of 24-inch-diameter cast iron pipe. Both pipelines are in need of rehabilitation. Section 22 has required numerous repairs over the year and Section 21 is heavily corroded.

Specialized construction methods including “cleaning and lining” and “sliplining” will be used along much of pipeline, which greatly limit areas of excavation and reduce both environmental and public health impacts associated with rehabilitation of the pipelines. Additionally, a portion (approximately 2,800 feet) of the existing Section 22 pipeline which is currently located within a salt marsh and the Neponset River Estuary ACEC, will be relocated into Granite Avenue in Quincy. This will reduce environmental impacts associated with rehabilitation and future maintenance of this segment of pipeline. This Project is tentatively planned in phases between 2025 and 2027.

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Katherine Ronan, Project Manager, Environmental Permitting, (617) 788 -1177

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Updated: September 6, 2023
Original Post: August 5, 2022