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Project Updates Archive
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

This page is an archive of MWRA project updates, for the record.

Active Projects Updates Page


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Water Projects Most Recent Update
Update on Weston Aqueduct Supply Main Rehabilitation (WASM) - Arlington, Medford and Somerville (Contract 6544) 03/29/2023
Update on Northern Extra High Pressure Zone Improvements - Section 63 (Contract 6522) 03/02/2023
MWRA - Update for Southern Extra High Pipeline Project, Dedham North (MWRA Contracts 7504 and 7505) 04/27/2021
Commonwealth Avenue Pump Station (MWRA Contract 7524) 04/27/2021
Northern Intermediate High Project in Stoneham: (MWRA Contract 7067) 06/16/2020
MWRA - Update for MWRA Reading Extension Sewer Rehab in Reading and Stoneham (MWRA Contract 7164) 01/09/2019
Northern Intermediate High Project in Stoneham and Wakefield (MWRA Contract 7478) 12/01/2018
Southern Extra High Redundancy and Storage Project (MWRA Contract 6454) 05/04/2018
Northern Intermediate High Section 110 Project in Reading and Woburn (MWRA Contract 7471) 05/04/2018
Hatchery Pipeline and Hydroelectric Project (MWRA Contract 7235) 02/15/2018
MWRA - Update for MWRA Peabody Pipeline Section 109 Extension (MWRA Contract 6895) 09/20/2017
MWRA - Update on MWRA Contract 7540, Medford and Malden Water and Sewer Rehabilitation 09/13/2017
UV Light Water Treatment at the Brutsch Water Treatment Facility 05/17/2017
Webster Avenue Bridge, MWRA Section 4, Avenue Pipeline and Utility Bridge Replacement 09/30/2016
Northern Intermediate High Project in Reading (MWRA Contract 7066) 04/01/2016
Pipeline Replacement and Extension in Arlington (MWRA Project 7448 ) 02/02/2016
Spot Pond Covered Storage Tanks 09/09/2015
Northern Intermediate High Pipeline – West Street 03/13/2015
Invasive Plant Control at Chestnut Hill Reservoir 02/27/2015
Wachusett Dam Restoration, North Dike 08/02/2012
Southern Spine, Lower Mills 05/17/2012
Northern Intermediate High, Stoneham-Reading Connection 04/02/2012
Hultman Aqueduct Interconnections 04/12/2009
Dam Safety Modifcations 09/14/2011
Section 28 Pipeline to Brattle Court 07/05/2011
Blue Hills Covered Storage Tank 09/29/2009
Sewer Projects
Dorchester Interceptor Sewer Sections 240/241/242 Rehabilitation (MWRA Contract 7279) 11/23/2021
MWRA Alewife Brook Pump Station Rehabilitation Project (Contract 6797) 02/27/2020

MWRA - Update on MWRA Contract 7540, Medford and Malden Water and Sewer Rehabilitation


Braintree-Weymouth Relief Facilities Projects / Fore River Siphons

Other Projects
Update on Wachusett Dam Bastion Improvements (Contract 7697) 03/02/2023
Update for the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game Public Access Fishing Pier at Deer Island 10/06/2020
Pine Tree Preserve Trail Project - Chestnut Hill 08/08/2018

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Updated July 11, 2023