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Updated March 31, 2021


Jeffrey McLaughlin

Weston Aqueduct Supply Main Rehabilitation - Medford, Somerville, Arlington
(Contract 6544)

image of pump station

image of pump station

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About this Project:

MWRA’s Weston Aqueduct Supply Main 3 consists of approximately 10 miles of steel pipe installed in the 1920s and 30s. The pipe is a critical supply to over 250,000 customers in the Northern High, Northern Extra High and Intermediate High supply systems serving Waltham, Watertown, Belmont, Lexington, Bedford, Arlington, Somerville and Medford.  It also can provide emergency supply to the Gillis Pump Station serving communities of the North Shore and Northern Intermediate High communities. Figure 1 shows the full extent of the WASM 3 pipeline and the work limits for the current construction contract.

This first construction contract includes rehabilitation of approximately 13,800 feet of 56-inch and 60-inch diameter water main starting in Medford in December 2020, and continuing in Somerville and Arlington from Fall of 2021 to Spring of 2024. The rehabilitation will consist of cleaning and internal cement mortar lining of the pipe and adding valves for better operational flexibility.  Figure 2 shows the segments to be completed under this contract.

The work is restricted to low water demand months from September 15 to May 15, which necessitates three construction phases during the duration of the contract. This work restriction is necessary to ensure the main is operational during high summer demand periods. MWRA has awarded the construction contract to Albanese D&S of Dracut, MA.

Project Updates:

March 31, 2021

Work Done To Date:

  • Complete access pits with new steel pipe
  • Restoration of construction areas
  • Disposal of contaminated soil off site
  • WASM3 planning for disinfection/activation

Recent completion of cement lining

Recent completion of cement lining

Cutting existing steel pipe

Arrival of new steel pipe

Installation of new steel pipe

Closure of access pits

March 2, 2021

Cutting 60-inch steel water main in preparation or forthcoming replacement section

Mixing and conveying cement for rehabilitation of the water pipe

Machinery utilized for applying cement lining during rehabilitation of the pipeline

Steam machine for concrete curing

February 3, 2021

Work Done To Date:

  • Rehab of WASM 3 – Work will be conducted from Sept 15 to May 15th due to demand
  • Cleaning and cement mortar lining of approximately 4,870 feet of 56-inch steel water main
  • Cleaning and cement mortar lining of approximately 8,310 feet of 60-inch steel water main
  • Furnishing and installing (4) butterfly valves and appurtenances.

WASM 3 - recent work: Installing Access Pits

WASM 3 - recent work: Installing Access Pits

Removing section of pipe - tuberculation

Removing section of pipe - tuberculation


Rivets connecting pipes

November 25, 2020

Construction Update

Contruction updates will be posted here.

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Updated: March 31, 2021
Original Post: November 25, 2020