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Updated March 3, 2022


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Braintree-Weymouth Pump Station Improvements (Contract 7435)

map of work area

About this Project:

The Braintree-Weymouth Pump Station, located on Kilby Street in Quincy, was constructed in 2008.  The 28 mgd peak design capacity facility lifts wastewater from the upstream Braintree-Weymouth Interceptor and local Quincy sewer into the High Level Sewer, which flows to the Nut Island Headworks. The facility was recently modified by staff to include flood mitigation measures. 

Several operational and maintenance issues have surfaced including inadequate grinding/screening; reduced pump performance; challenges with equipment removal; and odor control limitations.
Ineffective griding of screening during wet weather events have led to clogged grinders and pumps, impacting the facility’s capacity.  This has requiried dedicated operational staff at the facilty to raise and lower screens into the influent flow and manually remove the screenings from the racks.  This is very labor intensive, and improvements to the system and review of the pump operations are required. 

Improvements will need to be made to the ventilation system to reduce high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels in the faciliy.  In addtion, the single activated carbon adsorber, which removes odors from the ventilation air requires carbon change-out once or twice annually and has no redundancy.  An evaluation to add redundant carbon adsorbers to prevent premature carbon breakthrough will be completed. 

Pump removal at the facility is difficult as the pump hoist and monorail do not extend outside the facility.  Pumps are removed using an external crane with difficult rigging required to tilt the pumps to clear the doorway.
To improve the facility’s control system reliability for the next 10 to 15 years and meet current SCADA standards, the existing PLC and Human Machine Interface (HMI) used to monitor and control the facility will be replaced as part of the project.  Additional instrumention upgrades to address aging instrumentation and to address new standards and code requirements are also included in the project. This $2.1 million contract was awarded to Wright-Pierce for a contract term of 60 months from the Notice to Proceed.

Contract 7435 will provide design and engineering services during construction to address current facility issues, implement improvements and provide facility upgrades to meet current building codes.  The project includes the following:

  • Design grinding/screening improvements
  • Evaluate and improve pump performance
  • Improve pump removal
  • Evaluate and improve Odor control
  • Design SCADA Upgrades

Construction expected to begin in the summer of 2022 and completion expected in March 2024.

Project Updates:

March 3, 2022

Construction Update

Contruction updates will be posted here.

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Updated: September 1, 2022
Original Post: March 3, 2022