Writing Contest Winners 2015-2016

Third Place, Grades 3-5

Jonah Siegel,
Grade 3, Brooks Elementary School, Medford
Mr. Coates, Teacher

The Benefits of Stopping Sludge Dumping

I think the greatest benefit of stopping sludge dumping into Boston Harbor was that it eventually stopped thick pollution from blocking light to the nutritious fish under the water. Plants die, decay, and shrivel up when the light is blocked from them. As the plants decay, the oxygen in the water is taken away and this leads to low levels of dissolved oxygen. This kills the fish and other aquatic animals.

People need fish to stay strong and healthy. Without local fish in our diet, we might not be able to do many of the things we love. For instance, we might not have the strength to sing our favorite songs, love our families, make good friends, read our favorite books, and celebrate holidays, events, or birthdays.

We most likely wouldn't be able to inspire people with our art and talent, explore every single thing there is to explore, and write from our imagination. It would make me sad, if none of us could donate helpful things to the poor, recycle to make the world better, and believe in ourselves and our dreams.

Remember, if sludge dumping didn't stop, we probably wouldn't be able to do many of these awesome
things. We need fish in our food supply because it helps keep us super healthy. Also, the little guys are very yummy.

Without fish, we'd miss out on all its important benefits. Fish helps your heart, immune system, and prevents a lot of the worst sicknesses and diseases. The meat in the fish strengthens your teeth, gums and hair too! Once there was a study by the American Medical Association that found heart attack levels in women eating five portions of fish a week, fell by one-third. I think the greatest benefit of
the heroic stop of sludge dumping in Boston Harbor was that it helped save our essential fish supply. When the fish thrive, we all thrive!

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