Writing Contest Winners 2015-2016

Second Place, Grades 3-5

Michael Rivers
Grade 5, Galvin Middle School, Wakefield
Ms. Manning, Teacher

"Love That Dirty Water, Boston You're My Home" (Standells)


In 1991, an age old practice of dumping sewage in Boston Harbor ended.
Thanks to a Judge forcing the clean-up and ending all dumping made him splendid!
The Harbor had an awful reputation and was given a horrible name.
Unfortunately, it was considered the nation’s dirtiest harbor, and called the "Harbor of Shame"
The most famous thing ever dumped in the Harbor was tea.
While the most costly was wastewater and sewage dumped in the sea.
With so much pollution, how could you expect plants and sea life to survive?
With the pollution blocking their light and oxygen they are unable to thrive.
Without sludge being dumped, improves our water quality, and water clarity.
More tourists frequent our beaches, bring our state income, and popularity.
Plants and aquatic life will increase in the Harbor for us to see and enjoy.
Waterborne pathogens will be less frequent an able to destroy.
Thanks to the Boston Harbor Project, and all the handwork they've done, and continue to do.
The Harbor will continue to thrive, and be something our state can be proud of through and through.
Most importantly, our Harbor will continue to improve, and be clean for many generations to come.
So instead of "Love That Dirty Water," we can say "Love what the Harbor has become!”

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