Writing Contest Winners 2015-2016

First Place, Grades 6-8

Luke Macannuco
Grade 6, McCall Middle School, Winchester
Mrs. Taylor, Teacher

When Your Potatoes Aren't So Sweet
- A PLAY -

So I'm sitting here thinking for ideas, absolutely stumped. What am I going to do to spread the word about Bay State Organic Fertilizer? But then it hits me. What would I do to spread the word about the valuable resource of Bay State Fertilizer, you ask? Well, first off, I'd write a play. The play would be about fruits and veggies both grown from different fertilizer, one being grumpy (grown in fertilizer with chemicals), and one being joyful (grown in organic Bay State Fertilizer). The chemical laden foods would feel inferior towards the organically grown fruits; because they know which one is better for them (the organic ones). This would cause them to argue with one another.

Before performing the show, I would send all the children in the play to a farm or garden using Bay State Fertilizer and show all of them what it's like to grow organic fruits and veggies. This would give the cast a good, clear look at the pros of Bay State Fertilizer. During the show, randomly picked audience members would come on stage to perform, to give a more lasting
memory of the play.

To advertise the play around town, I would get an interview with the local newspaper to spread the word to people who maybe want to come. To the people who can't make it, the performance would be broadcasted on the local cable TV station. I would also use a podcast to explain why Bay State Fertilizer is such a useful and advantageous material we should be using. The pod cast would feature a farming expert that uses Bay State Fertilizer explaining how it works and why we should be using it. This would also be a secondary option for those who cannot see the play.

That, my friends, is what I would do to spread the word about why we should take advantage of Bay State Fertilizer, a very valuable resource that keeps us healthy.

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