Writing Contest Winners 2015-2016

Honorable Mention, Grades 6-8

Kate Butts
Grade 6, Oak Hill Middle School, Newton Centre
Mr. Janow, Mr. Hunt and Ms. Leary, Teachers

Diary of a Wimpy Worm

July 1, Wednesday
Humans. They're always trying new things. They change their clothes, their shoes, their hair styles! Although, I can't really relate since, being a worm, I don't have arms, legs or hair. The fertilize we had before was okay, I guess. Nothing special. Then one day, the lady who takes care of the patch of land I live under, decides to change the stuff she puts on our lawn. She comes out of her house with a big bag that says Bay State Fertilizer. All those minerals make it taste pretty darn good. When grandpa Joe comes out of the hole, I'm sure he'll have a fit – he doesn't like change much.

July 3, Friday
What is going on? This crazy lady hasn't watered the lawn in two days, but the soil is still so moist? How are the flowers thriving? It's been hot all week! I'm going back in the hole. .

July 4, Saturday
What the hey?! I got out of the hole this morning, and the grass was so green! I've never seen plant leaves so emerald! Looking back on it, that old fertilizer wasn't that good. I mean, I can just taste all the nitrogen, iron and calcium in this new stuff! I'm surprised it has over 3.5% iron and almost 5.5% nitrogen, or at least, that's what my nerdy sister Sarah says. That other one, well, it was just ..... average. PS: I'm excited for the fireworks, they'll go off tonight above Deer Island's new sewage facility! Mmm ... sewage.

July 6, Monday
It's getting harder to dig. The roots of these plants are getting so strong that I have to make my holes around them. There's just no digging past them. I can't believe all the organic matter, and moisture holding capacity in this soil. It is sooo moist.

July 7, Tuesday
When Aunt Millie came over this afternoon she was going on and on about how back in her day, there was never very much calcium in the soil, and she and her family had to struggle to make it last. She was talking about how when she went on her honeymoon to the Boston Harbor in 1981 it was really dirty, but now it's a lot nicer. Two words: BO-RING.

July 11, Saturday
The giant lady is buying more and more of this magical Bay State Fertilizer. She didn't buy very much of that other one. I guess this one costs less. I saw on the bag that it was eco- friendly. Mama told me that it was safe for animals too. That means that we can eat it without having to worry about our health! Now, more and more animals are healthier thanks to the good quality fertilizer!

July 12, Sunday
I've noticed that the lady hasn't been out here with her hose so much lately. But the plants are doing just great and the soil is better than ever! I hope she keeps using Bay State Fertilizer!

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