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An archive of selected presentations

These presentations are posted for the record. Please note that the information in these documents was current when presented, and may have changed over time. If you need updated information on a presentation, please contact Ria Convery.

Climate Resiliency at MWRA (PDF)
Presentation for A Better City Boston
November 1, 2019


Thunderstorm Impacts on Wastewater System Operations
Presentation to MWRA Board of Directors


Rivers, Lakes, and Reservoirs: The History of Our Drinking Water in Boston and Medford
Presentation by MWRA Executive Director Frederick A. Laskey

Proposed Public Use and Maintenance Plan, Pine Tree Preserve
Presentation by Boston College

Section 111 Southern Extra High Redundancy (PDF)
Presentation by MWRA Executive Director Frederick A. Laskey

MWRA at 30: Then and Now (PDF)
Presentation by MWRA Executive Director Frederick A. Laskey


FY2017: The Year in Review (PDF)
Presentation to the MWRA Advisory Board by MWRA Executive Director Frederick A. Laskey

MWRA System Expansion (PDF)
Presentation Materials to the South Shore Chamber of Commerce by MWRA Executive Director Frederick A. Laskey

Lead Control Update for MWRA Communities (PDF)
Presentation Materials for the March 21, 2016 Community Lead Forum by MWRA staff

The Forgotten Infrastructure (PDF)
Presentation at the American Water Works Association Public Officials Breakfast and Caucus by Fred Laskey, MWRA Executive Director


Protecting Our Critical Infrastructure: MWRA's Pragmatic Approach to Climate Change by Frederick A. Laskey, MWRA Executive Director


Going Green, Staying Green: MWRA's Energy Initiatives (PDF)
Presentation to WAC and WSCAC by Denise Breiteneicher, MWRA Project Manager, Technical Services

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Updated: May 13, 2022

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