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Julia Kiggins
Grade 4, Linden School, Malden
Mrs. Smith, Teacher


What a Clean Boston Harbor Means to Me

What a clean Boston Harbor means to me,
Is a nice healthy sea!

Sure we have land and we have forests,
But, dirty water doesn’t bring in tourists!

And without all that money,
Oh the things we would lose!
And with budget cuts,
Everyone will have the blues!

Well I say NO to harmful, bad pollution!
And it’s about time we found a solution!

The rain bring in bacteria,
But that’s okay,
‘Cause it all goes to Deer Island to get cleaned,

Now we have fresh, clean water and that means no dead fish!
Or at least not as many, HOORAY, we got our wish!

Healthy fish and much more lobsters,
‘Cause now we aren’t polluting monsters!

Now we have a clean harbor
And there’s no more yucky stuff,
All ‘cause good old Boston Harbor finally said,

We have our clams,
We have our fish
We have our lobster,
We’ll be rich, Rich, RICH!

Boston Harbor is now squeaky clean!
All because we stopped being so mean!

If we re-dirty, our water will once again be bad.
And all of the harbor lovers will be really mad!

So remember, we’ve got to keep our water clean!
So all of our goodness can be seen!

Keep Boston Harbor clean today!
Keep all the dirty stuff away!

Boston Harbor is an important place,
And we need to strive to keep it safe!

We saved our Boston Harbor!
There’s no more icky goop!
And if you go running on the beach,
You won’t step in some…waste!

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