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Julia Talbot
Grade 5, Horace Mann School, Melrose
Ms. Capaldo, Teacher


There's an old movie that really used to scare me. It’s called Planet of the Apes.”  The story, put simply, is about a group of astronauts that crash land on an alien planet. We never hear its name. This new world is run by evil, talking apes. Except, they're not what freaked me out. Here's what did: In the final scene, the main characters are walking on a beach. They come across the ruins of a statue. The Statue of liberty.

That's when it hits you. "We're looking at a future earth?! What have we done to the planet?"

I know it's a strange comparison, but that movie reminds me of Boston Harbor. What it could become and what it has already been. Polluted. Dirty. Just plain awful.

The harbor really does means a lot to me. Not because I particularly enjoy it there, but because of what it symbolizes. A success story. It was filthy before, but now look. It's getting closer, getting better. If we keep cleaning it up, we might be able to use it for many things, not just boating. And if we can clean it, so can others. Maybe we can inspire people in different places to cleanse their waters of pollution. Chain reaction? I'm crossing my fingers for one.

But what if it doesn't get better, and takes a turn for the worse? Can you imagine, having to tell your children, "Oh, yes, this used to be the harbor. It was quite lovely. I'm sorry; we can't go there, though. We ruined it."  That'd be terrible! Just another reason why we should keep the water clean. Sometimes, looking at what you don't want to happen helps you figure out what means a lot to you.

Really, I don't see why anyone would not want to try and help the harbor. It just infuriates me how some will just throw their trash into the sewers. Some of the ones in Boston lead directly to the harbor!
I've made my point. It's out of my hands now. Hopefully, this essay will help. Who knows? Anything can make a difference.

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