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Emma English
Grade 5, A.T. Cummings School, Winthrop
Ms. Foley, Teacher


A Clean Harbor

Boston Harbor is great when it is clean because there are a lot of fun activities and games you can enjoy with your friends and family.

What does a clean Boston Harbor mean to me? Well, a clean Boston Harbor means fun days at the beach. I love the beach because it is a place to see friends and play games. In addition to swimming and jumping off the raft, the town has organized events called Sand Castle Day and Family
Day at the Beach. These events have bouncy houses, water slides, food stands, ice cream trucks, bubble blowing contests and hula hoop contests. They also have face painting stations, recycling contests, dancing and many more games to play. These days at the beach are fun for young kids, teenagers and adults. If we did not have a clean harbor, these events would not take place because we would not be enjoying our beaches.

A clean harbor also brings people to our area who enjoy canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving and surfing. This also brings business into our local shops and restaurants.

A clean harbor also provides great fishing. Fishermen are able to catch and provide fresh fish to sell in local markets. Fishing is hard work when you do it for a living because you need to catch enough fish to make money. If the harbor isn't clean, the fishermen would have to travel further away to catch fish that is safe to eat and that makes their job harder. Fishing can also be for fun. Last year when I was fishing with my Dad, I caught a thirty-inch striped bass and nine mackerel. 

Lots of boaters also enjoy the harbor when it's clean. They can anchor off the beach and get together with friends. They can give kids rides on tubes and water skis, or they can just ride around in the harbor and enjoy the city. They can also get a better view of the fireworks displays in Boston and surrounding cities.

These are some of the fun things we can do at our beaches and harbors when they are clean. A clean harbor brings families and friends together for a fun time.

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