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Nut Island Headworks
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


The Nut Island Headworks, (a sewage screening facility), went into service in summer, 1998. At the headworks, sewage passes through screens and grit chambers that remove large objects, sand and gravel. After screening, the sewage is conveyed through the Inter-Island Tunnel to Deer Island, where it undergoes primary and secondary treatment. This facility serves 21 southern sewer system communities.

Nut Island Headworks, Quincy Mass.MWRA's Nut Island Headworks and park, Quincy Massachusetts

The old Nut Island primary plant, which had been in service since 1952, has been demolished, ending more than 100 years of wastewater discharges to the shallow waters of Quincy Bay.

The area around the headworks has been landscaped for use as a public park.

The Braintree-Weymouth Relief Facilities Project has substantially increased the regional sewer system capacity to move wastewater to the Nut Island Headworks. A 2.7 mile long, 12' diameter, deep rock tunnel has been built under the Fore River to move wastewater from new facilities in Weymouth to Nut Island for eventual transport to Deer Island for treatment. Wastewater now flows from the tunnel up to the headworks facility through a deep-bore shaft.