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Master Plan
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

MWRA's Master Plan documents $5.75 billion in infrastructure investment needs over the next 40 years, identifies 344 projects and prioritizes projects for consideration in the annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

The most recent Master Plan was published in 2018 and it is presented in two volumes, one for wastewater and one for water.

2018 Master Plan
2013 Master Plan
2006 Master Plan

Files are in Adobe PDF format

Most of the projects identified in the 2018 Master Plan are for rehabilitation or replacement of existing MWRA infrastructure, driven by the need to reinvest in the $8.3 billion in new facilities created since MWRA's inception and in other facilities and infrastructure where attention is still needed. However the 2018 Master Plan also reflects the need to implement redundancy for the water system's Metropolitan Tunnels in order to ensure long-term reliability, enhance security and increase operational flexibility.

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Updated May 6, 2019

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