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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Videos To Watch:

The Strange History of Deer Island

NECN, January 31, 2022

Recommended grade levels: All

What Not To Flush

Check out the videos made by winners of our past Poster and Essay Contest on the topic "What Not To Flush"

Recommended grade levels: All

What is Deer Island?

A short video made by the Wastewater Advisory Committee (WAC)

Recommended grade levels: Gr. 5+

5th Graders Find out What Happens After You Flush

CDM Smith and the MWRA team up to talk wastewater with a bunch of kids at the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Recommended grade levels: Gr. 5+

Why Water's Worth It

A short minute video made by the Water Environment Federation (WEF)

Recommended grade levels: 1-5

Wally's Wastewater Treatment Plant

Recommended grade levels: All

StoryBots (on Netflix)

Season 3, Episode 6 - What Hapens When You Flush

Recommended grade levels: Pre-K -3

Learning From the Past & Preparing for Future Water Needs

A short WCVB Chronicle feature from March 2019 highlighting the history of water in Massachusetts and the role MWRA plays in providing it today

Recommended grade levels: Gr. 5+

Don't Flush That!

A short video demonstrating what happens to the articles you flush down the toilet...

Recommended grade levels: Gr. K +

Other Fun Activities:

  • Take a walk outside to observe your neighborhood and see how everything around you affects your storm drain system while getting some fresh air. Use this guide to see how many points you can get!

  • Check out DCR protected trails – some are close to MWRA facilities!

    • While adhering to social distancing, get some fresh air and walk the thousands of miles available across the state.

    • Keep a list of wild and plant-life seen – make a journal to bring back and show your class.

    • Describe the weather and draw what it looked like/how you felt while outside.

    • Who went with you?

    • Take photos of your adventure and tag us! Our Instagram and Twitter accounts are located here.

  • Try out this experiment:

    • Have an excess of toilet paper in your home? Demonstrate to kids why you should only be flushing “The Three P’s”:

      • In one jar, place a handful of toilet paper.

      • In another jar, place a “flushable” wipe.

      • In a third jar, place a handful of tissues or paper towels.

      • Add water to all three jars and cover tightly with their lids.

      • Shake the jars vigorously and visualize this happening in your plumbing…

  • Thank You Cards

MWRA’s goal year round is to maintain the critical functions that our 3 million customers rely on, even during pandemics. Many students across the country have been encouraged to show their appreciation for those that have not let CoVid-19 stop them from doing their jobs by sending thank you cards to hospitals, police & fire stations, post offices, etc. We would like for kids in our service area to learn about the number of essential employees that work for our branch of public works and show appreciation to them by making cards to send in to MWRA headquarters.

Please send cards or letters to:

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Public Affairs Department
Charlestown Navy Yard, 100 First Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02129

We also welcome homemade videos sent here!

Printable Coloring Pages and More!

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) materials:

  • MWRA Activity Pages (downloadable as PDF files):
  • Dwayne the Storm Drain (Recommended grade levels: Pre-K to 4)

    • Our award-winning coloring and activity book "Dwayne" can be downloaded for FREE, taking students through each season while explaining how nature and humans affect the stormwater system. Readers will be introduced to storm sewer systems, better understand their connection to the system and be able to identify how storm drains work and thus affect the environment.

    • The book is available as a whole or readers can choose individual pages.

  • Water Works (Recommended grade levels: 3 to 5)

    • Our activity based curriculum guide can be downloaded for FREE, helping students lay the foundation for responsible water use and how water gets from its source to the tap.

    • The book is available as a whole or readers can choose individual pages.

  • Water Watchers (Recommended grade levels: 6 to 8)

    • Our activity based curriculum guide can be downloaded for FREE, helping students understand how their water systems work and how their decisions affect local and global water supplies.

    • The book is available as a whole or readers can choose individual pages.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC):

  • BWSC offers a number of education materials on their website:

    • Coloring Pages

    • Puzzles

    • Mazes

    • Crosswords

    • Word Searches

American Water Works Association (AWWA):

New England Water Environmental Association (NEWEA):

  • You can find NEWEA's own coloring book, "The Flow Family," here.

  • Find directions on What Not To Flush, along with an activity, here.

  • People can also e-mail NEWEA staff for at-home Microsoft PowerPoint or Word materials:

    • How We Use Water (Pre-K/Elementary)

    • How We Use Water and How It Is Treated (Grades 4-8)

Water Environment Federation (WEF):

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

  • EPA has provided a number of printable worksheets to encourage learning on the "Water Sense For Kids" section of their website. Students can take a pledge with their family to reduce their water use. Students can also use information to find out more about where our water comes from and how it gets into homes when filling out the following worksheets:

  • Students can play the Water Sense game, using information on the EPA website to answer questions and move the water efficiency hero Flo through water pipes while avoiding water-wasting monsters.

  • EPA also has a section of their website filled with presentations, activities and games all dedicated to both drinking water and groundwater, found here.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS):

  • NIEHS has a number of available printable coloring pages found here on their website.

To learn more about the MWRA's School Education program, check out our School Program page!

If you have any questions, contact:

Meg Tabacsko or Jacqueline Collins

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Updated September 1, 2022

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