Brandon Preble
Grade 5, Arthur T. Cummings School, Winthrop
Jen Dykens, Teacher


One Man Can Make a Difference

Drip, drip, drip. That's the sound of thousands of gallons of water leaving a faucet, all because someone is being careless and not fixing it. I believe that reducing the use of water is very important to the environment and your water bill. This is what I can do to help my family and the community reduce their water usage.

Our family already uses rain water barrels to water the plants, which saves hundreds of gallons of water each year. Our family doesn't wash the car unless it's really bad - also to save more water. We also own a low water usage washing machine which really helps in our family because we have a lot of clothes to clean. I take very short showers to conserve water because I know that there is no point in taking long showers. Whenever I brush my teeth I turn off the faucet while I'm brushing to conserve as much water as possible. I always drink all of my water bottle and don't waste it.

Here are some things I'm going to start doing. I am going to encourage my parents to buy other low water usage appliances besides the washing machine such as the toilet, shower and dishwasher. I can flush the toilet only if I really need to. I am going to stop taking tub baths and stop making so many water balloons during the summer. I will only use the rain water barrel for my water guns. If something is leaking I will always help my father fix it. When I go to my neighbor's pool, I'm going to stop splashing water out of the pool so that the pool can stay filled and not need to be refilled with water as often.

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