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Nicholas Murray
Grade 3, Linden School, Malden

Debbie Smith, Teacher


I had the coolest dream the other night that I was a super hero named H20 Man. I was helping people to conserve water and I was showing them that a little bit of effort from them could make a big difference in reducing the amount of water they use each day.

As a super hero I had very good hearing and I heard water running for a long, long time. I went upstairs in my home to investigate and soon found out that it was my sister in the shower. I yelled to her to get out and then gave her a good lecture about how much water she was wasting. She seemed to have learned her lesson, so I flew out the window to find more ways to save water.

Next, I landed in my yard where I noticed the hose was on but no one was using it! "Wow, what a waste!" I thought to myself. Ridiculous! I immediately shut the hose off but, I could still hear water. I looked over into my neighbors' yard and they had their sprinklers on. Are you kidding me? Did they not know that it had rained all night? I knocked on their door and explained the situation to them. They had their sprinklers on a timer and didn't even realize they were on. They thanked me for helping them to understand how much water they were wasting and let me stay for lunch.

As I flew back towards my house I saw my dad dumping out half-used bottles of water. Did anyone around here even think about conserving water? Wow! I flew down to him and told him that he could be using that water to feed the houseplants or to fill the dog's water dish. He wasn't thinking about those things, I guess. As I walked into the house I noticed that he was pouring the water into a watering can. I guess I taught him something.

I was headed into the living room to relax for a bit when my super power hearing kicked in again. This time the water sound was coming from the basement. Of course when I got down into the laundry room I once again found my sister wasting water. This time she was filling the washing machine with clothes that weren't even dirty! "Why can't you wear them one more time?" I asked. She hadn't thought of that. She's not a super hero, so I cut her some slack.

I decided to go up to my room and relax. On the way I saw my mom in the bathroom brushing her teeth. That wouldn't have been a bad thing except that she had the water running the entire time. I told her that if she shut the water off while she was brushing that over time that would conserve a lot of water. She was so grateful for my help.

Suddenly, I heard a strange beeping sound. It was my alarm clock! I woke up and realized the entire thing was just a dream. I wasn't H20 Man anymore. I was just a regular eight-year-old boy. That was when I got the best feeling. I realized that I didn't need to be a super hero to have an effect on the reduction of water usage. I could reduce the amount of water I use every day and so can my family. We just need to pay attention to it!

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