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Adelaide Masterson
Grade 6, Oak Hill Middle School, Newton
Mr. Lyons, Mr. Hunt and Ms. Leary, Teachers


Caring for it is what we do,
Let it not become a loo.
Every kind of life is there,
And we should be the ones who care.
Now the sparkling blue; will open itself up to you.

Better waters on the way,
Or after cleaning sewage, put it in Massachusetts Bay.
Secondary treatment was enforced,
To save us all from remorse.
Our harbor is now the best,
Never shall we let it rest.

Happier lives for everyone,
Always frolicking in the sun.
Really, I can’t believe we let it take the hit before,
But people are willing to show polluters the door.
Of course we want to keep Boston Harbor this way,
Realize this polluters, in the future you will pay.

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