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Victoria Puopolo
Grade 6, Susan B. Anthony Middle School, Revere
Ms. Menissian, Teacher


I have lived in the Boston area my whole life. A clean harbor means a lot to me. In the summer I like to swim at the beach. I can't imagine swimming in an ocean filled with polluted water, dead fish or trash. All the beaches I enjoy swimming at are connected to Boston Harbor, so polluting the harbor would ruin my summer.

I love to go fishing and then eating what I catch. If the water was polluted I wouldn't be able to do either. Going out on a boat and looking down into the water and being able to see down deep gives you such a great feeling. It is a whole different world down there. Polluting it would take that wonderful feeling away.

Many people come visit Boston from all over the world. This helps Boston’s economy. Imagine these tourists on a whale watch and instead of seeing a whale, they see a stove or a microwave float by. The whale watching company would go out of business and these tourists would plan on going elsewhere for their vacations.

We are very lucky to be living near the ocean.
Having clean water should not be a luxury…It should be a way of life.  All these reasons are why it is important to have clean water and environment.

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