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Catherine Grimes
Grade 4, A.T. Cummings School, Winthrop
Mrs. Grayson, Teacher


One gorgeous sunny morning, I asked, “Mom, can we go to Boston Harbor today?”  Mom responded, “Of course!”  Then I ran around the house saying, “Whooooooo!”  After, I went and asked my sister, Micaela, if she wanted to come.  She responded, “Fine.”  I was as happy as someone who won the lottery.  We were off!

When we got to Boston Harbor, I saw sailboats, sailboats, sailboats!  We set up the beach chairs and our cooler.  I looked around at all the sailors and they were smiling, enjoying the clean waters of Boston Harbor.  Lying on the beach, I saw so many sailboat flags.  There were flags of all types: green, blue, red, orange and purple.  All I was thinking was how happy the sailors were at the harbor.  I was so glad we had the opportunity to see this.

I loved to be there and see the animals.  I sat on the warm sand and looked around while I ate a sandwich.  A flock of birds came: one, two, three, four…there were a lot!  One came closer and closer.  She wanted my sandwich.  I stood up and ran away, but then I gave up. And “plop” went the sandwich.  The bird was happy.

Then I thought, “I could really use a swim.”  So I ran over to the water and went swimming with my sister and my mom.  The birds were soaring over the top of my head.  We all went out deep.  The water was as clear as glass.  The fish, crabs, seals and lobsters were under my feet.  When I got out of the water, I thought, “Wow that was a great swim with the animals.”  I knew that a long time ago this harbor was polluted, but now I could splash the water in my face.  “Ahhhh!” It was clean and refreshing.

And do you know why we have to keep it clean now?  So the animals and plants that live in the harbor can stay healthy, and people can swim and play and enjoy its beauty. 

Then in 2031, when I have my own kids, I will bring them to Boston Harbor to enjoy its clean water!

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