Tamara Cowham
Grade 4, Squantum Elementary School, Quincy
Ms. Walsh, Teacher


What a Clean Boston Harbor Means to Me

The other day as I was walking home from school, I saw a crowd gathered along the marsh.  Being the nosy girl that I am, I cautiously crossed the street and pushed my way through the crowd, and what did I see?  A furry black and white harbor seal sunning itself.  I was awed by having such a beautiful, rare creature right in my own community.  That made me realize how blessed I am to live near the inspiring Boston Harbor.

Boston Harbor was not always as clean as it is today.  My mother says when she was a girl it was forbidden, and I mean forbidden, to swim or fish near home because waste from toilets and sewers was being dumped into the water.  Boston Harbor was overwhelmed with pollution, which must have been terrible for the people and also the animals who lost their habitat.  After many years of pollution, the whole community woke up and decided to solve the problem.  The Boston Harbor clean up was very expensive and took a long time, but it was worth it.

Because I live near a clean harbor, there are many things I can now enjoy.  I love the view of endless blue waves, and the salty smell of the sea.  I love swimming at the beach and taking the commuter boat to Boston.  I also love eating clams dug near my home.  They are delicious anyway, but I think they taste even better when I know they came from my own community!  The Wampanoag people enjoyed digging and eating clams around Boston Harbor more than 300 years ago, and I think it’s amazing to share that history.

I am thankful for Boston Harbor being clean…and I plan to keep it that way!

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