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MWRA Writing Contest Winners 2004 - 2005
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Third Place Grades 3-5
by Samuel Rosenstein, Grade 4
The Jewish Community Day School, Watertown

Tom Etre, teacher
Hamutal Gavish, principal

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Imagine seeing a blue flag flying at every Boston Harbor beach. A blue flag signals good swimming conditions. Last summer, Boston beaches met swimming standards 90 percent of the time. The most important reasons for a clean Boston Harbor are recreation purposes, the environmental and economic reasons.

There are many different activities that depend on a clean Boston Harbor. One activity mentioned previously is swimming. From my dad’s perspective, being a triathlete, he would love to do a triathlon in Boson Harbor but he won’t because he feels the water is too dirty. Another activity that brings both enjoyment and money to Boston is the fishing industry. Striped bass, cod and haddock are just a few of the various types of fish caught in Boston Harbor.

Some people’s jobs in the fishing industry depend on a clean Boston Harbor. Also, whale watches are educational for the environment and fun to go on. Seeing humpbacks, minke whales, dolphins and different types of sharks educate children about helping to maintain endangered species habitats.

One place I enjoy visiting is the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. Two years ago my class took a field trip to George’s Island. We enjoyed looking at green and rock crabs and seeing different ocean life in the tide pools. If Boston Harbor were not clean, all of this would disappear.

People from all over the world visit Boston because of the location right on the ocean. Tourists provide Massachusetts with money and jobs. If Boston Harbor weren’t clean, tourists wouldn’t want to come.

Everything relies on having a clean Boston Harbor. Seeing a blue flag waving high up in the sky at every single Boston Harbor beach, each day in the summer will indicate that we are going in the right direction to ensure a clean Boston Harbor.

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