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MWRA Writing Contest Winners 2004 - 2005
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Second Place Grades 3-5
by Ekene Nwankwo, Grade 5
St. Mary of the Hills School, Milton

Kelly Welch, teacher
Andrea Tavaska, principal

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A Clean Boston Harbor: A Boom to our Economy

A clean Boston Harbor is a treasure that enriches our economy. It promotes tourism, fishing, commerce, transportation, entertainment and restaurant business.

The harbor is a natural habitat for fish and has many kinds of animals. Many of these marine animals do not only thrive well in clean water, they multiply without difficulty. More importantly, fish from clean water are safe for consumption. This is one of the reasons why the men and women of the MWRA have waged war against pollution of Boston Harbor. Their success has revitalized the breeding of diversity of fish, seals, sea and shore birds, and other marine animals. Today, there is increased fishing and commerce because Boston Harbor has become cleaner. My parents and I, and many others, for example, often buy fish from the Boston Harbor area, and dine at seafood restaurants that have sprung up all around Boston Harbor.

The clean Boston Harbor has also become a magnet for tourism. It attracts visits from millions of people from all over the nation, particularly during the summer. Some come to swim, shop, enjoy the scenery, take a cruise or a trip to the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. Many seasonal tours have developed. In early spring there is a “Marine Safari,” while in summer there are several tours, and in early fall there are trips to watch migratory sea and shore birds. Schools and other organizations, for example, often bring kids to Boston Harbor for learning experiences. All these tours generate money for the city.

Growth of tourism, fishing and restaurant businesses have given rise to greater employment opportunities for the people of Boston. Last summer my mother and I decided to give my father a treat on Father’s Day. We went to a restaurant on a boat in Boston Harbor. The restaurant was packed full with other people. I observed how the restaurant provided employment for many people. There were ticket sellers, waiters, managers, supervisors, clowns, chefs and cleaners. As we exited the boat I saw photographers and souvenir sellers. Many people would not have gone to dine in a polluted harbor and the job opportunities would not have been there.

A clean Boston Harbor has recreational and health benefits, but most importantly, it stimulates the economic growth of the community. I hope the men and women of MWRA will not relax their efforts in maintaining and preserving a clean Boston Harbor.

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