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TRAC - Permits
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


The following MWRA permit applications are in Adobe PDF format unless noted.
PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

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Submittal Form
MWRA Trac Submittal Form
Construction Site Dewatering
Construction Site Dewatering Discharge Permit Application
Sewer Use Discharge Permit Instructions
Food Processing

G2 Food Processing Biennial Complaince Report - 2018 (PDF)
For operations during 2016 and 2017
Updated 05/04/2018

Landfill Discharge
Landfill Discharge Permit Application - [.doc ] | [.pdf ], updated March 3, 2011
Notice of Intent to Discharge
Notice of Intent to Discharge Food Processing Wastes
Notice of Intent to Discharge Photo Processing and/or Printing Wastes
Septage Discharge
Septage Discharge Permit Application
Septage Discharge Permit Instructions
Sewer Discharge - Publicly Owned Drinking Water Treatment Plants
Sewer Discharge Permit Application for Publicly Owned Drinking Water Treatment Plants - [.doc ] | [.pdf ], updated March 3, 2011
Sewer Use - General
Sewer Use Discharge Permit Application, Updated 02/2014
Sewer Use Discharge Permit - Low-Flow/Low Pollutant Discharge General Permit Application - ADDENDUM, Updated 02/2014
Sewer Use Discharge Permit Instructions
MWRA Annual G1 Compliance Report - PDF, updated 02/2018
Sample Analyses & Reporting Certification Form
Sewer Use - Colleges and Universities
Sewer Use Discharge Permit Application for Colleges and Universities, Updated 02/2014
Facility Grading Report
Mass. Board of Certification of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators - Facility Grading Report


360 CMR 1.00: Adjudicatory Proceedings
360 CMR 2.00:
Enforcement and Administrative Penalties (PDF)
360 CMR 10.000: Sewer Use (PDF)
About the Pretreatment Program and the Federal Clean Water Act


Each municipality is assigned an Industrial Coordinator and a Compliance Coordinator.

Industrial Coordinators are responsible for inspecting and permitting to industrial users in that municipality. Contact List (PDF)

Compliance Coordinators are responsible for issuing Notices of Violation and overseeing escalated enforcement actions. Contact List (PDF)


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Updated June 22, 2018