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Visit MWRA's Free Drinking Water Fountain at Events this Spring Through Fall


Keep an eye out for the "FREE, COLD WATER" sign on MWRA's roving water fountain this summer and fall - it is the perfect addition to any community event. The fountain is available free of charge to reserve, providing chilled drinking water to public event-goers in Boston and other MWRA service communities.

MWRA's water comes from the pristine and protected Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs in Central Massachusetts. It is treated according to strict state and federal standards and tested every step of the way.

Just bring your own bottle or cup and fill it at the fountain or try drinking from one of the old-fashioned bubblers. Either way, the water is fresh, local and safe - the fountain's built-in coolers keep the water cold even on the hottest New England days. Plus you don't have to spend extra money on bottled water or worry about throwing away an empty container!

We even have water bowls for any accompanying furry friends.

As a reminder....

We make every effort to accommodate and honor scheduled events but our ability to bring the fountain to events is ultimately based on staff availability, and can be affected by unforseen cicumstances such as emergencies, weather, etc.

The crews that deliver our fountain are also the folks that keep the MWRA water system running and respond to emergencies. We appreciate the understanding and encourage any questions or cocnerns be directed to

Many have seen our fountain pop up across our service area at school field days, local festivals, town gatherings and community races... check out our schedule to see where we will be next!

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram - tag us on social media using the hashtag #MWRAFountain so we can see how you enjoyed the fountain as much as we do every day!

About the Quench Buggy:

Our QB is a mobile water station designed to bring clean, cool potable water to our communities while promoting energy-efficiency and sustainability!

  • 300 gallon tank filled with Quabbin water
    • That's enough to fill 2,400 16 oz. water bottles!
  • Multiple fountain-heads for instant usage as well as spigots to quickly fill up water bottles
  • Special child-height accessibility sections on both sides
  • Maintained and cared for by MWRA staff, who are usually on site to answer any questions

    We will add events all season long!

Contact us to book the Quench Buggy for your event!

Some events you can find us at...

  • Run For Women at Pine Banks
  • Free Ferry Day
  • Mystic River Watershed Assosciation Herring Run and Paddle
  • 2023 Reel Fun Fishing Events: Deer Island (6/3), Castle Island (8/12) and Nut Island (9/30)
  • Boston Children's Hospital Walk
  • July 4th Extravaganza at the Esplanade
  • Stoneham Farmer's Market
  • Bikes Not Bombs
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

If you are planning a public event within the MWRA service area and would like to book our free fountain, please e-mail or contact Katie Ronan, (617) 788-1177 or Tori Conlon, (617) 788-1171 for more information.

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Updated September 15, 2023