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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Tom Lindberg, MWRA Community Relations Manager for Waltham

Jeff McLaughlin, MWRA Community Relations Manager for Watertown

Project Update for MWRA Project 7022
Water Pipe Sliplining in Waltham and Watertown

map of work area for MWRA project 7022 Sliplining Construction Job Begins on MWRA Water Pipeline Located Along Newton Street and River Street, Waltham  to Pleasant Street, Watertown, MA

Project Map

06/02/13 - Night Work:

MWRA's contractor begins night work (8PM-6AM) on Sunday, June 2nd at the intersection of River and Willow Streets in Waltham. D’Amico, Inc. is excavating one of eleven access pits at this location for the purpose of placing a new 24” inch water main into an existing 30” pipe.

Night work is limited to two locations in Waltham: The intersection of Willow Street and River Street and the intersection of River Street and Seyon Street. Both intersections are very busy during the day, therefore night work is required by the City of Waltham. Night work in each location will take three weeks.

Newton Street Detour Map

Traffic Plans

05/16/13 - Traffic Detours, May 20 - 24, 2013

As the contractor moves down the road, local traffic will be diverted. Detours will change approximately once a week. The first detour will begin Monday, May 20 and has been approved by the City of Waltham Police Department through Friday, May 24.

For information regarding this important project please contact one of the following MWRA Community Relations Managers:
Waltham Businesses and Residents:
Tom Lindberg, MWRA
Watertown Businesses and Residents:
Jeff McLaughlin, MWRA


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Posted May 13, 2013