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Updated March 10, 2022


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Intermediate High Pipeline Improvements Construction
(7484 CP-1, 6956 CP-2, 6548 CP-3)

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About this Project:

The Intermediate High water service area consists of two geographically distinct and hydraulically unconnected areas, both served at a grade line of 320 feet Boston City Base.

The southern area serves most of the City of Newton lying south of the Massachusetts Turnpike.  The second area is further north and serves portions of Arlington, Belmont and Watertown.

A single 83 year-old, 20-inch diameter cast iron pipeline (Section 59) connects the Arlington Covered Reservoir to the Belmont Pump Station and to the Belmont and Watertown meters.  This pipe cannot be taken out of service for rehabilitation; if there were a failure on any portion of this pipe, portions of Watertown and Belmont would lose water.

This $6.5 million contract was awarded to CDM Smith Inc. for a contract term of 90 months from the Notice to Proceed.


This project includes the design and engineering services during construction to interconnect the two Intermediate High water service areas to provide redundancy and operational flexibility in the event of pipe failures.  This project also includes rehabilitation and replacement of old unlined cast iron pipes in the service area.  Interconnection of the two Intermediate High service areas requires the following key project elements:

  • Construction Contract 1:
    • Installation of approximately 5,000 feet of new 30-inch diameter pipe extending Section 75 in Newton. This new pipeline will interconnect Commonwealth Avenue Pump Station with Section 24 of Waverly Avenue in Newton.
    • Replacement of Meter 111 and addition of a new Master Meter of Section 24 to measure flow from the Commonwealth Avenue Pump Station to the unified Intermediate High service area.

  • Construction Contract 2:
    • Replacement of Section 25 in Watertown with 4,900 feet of new 20-inch diameter pipe to deliver water at Intermediate High grade line to Section 59 to improve hydraulic capacity of the system and ensure reliable service.
    • Replacement of Meter 40 Watertown including a new pressure reducing valve and Meter 2 Watertown

  • Construction Contract 3:
    • Rehabilitation by cleaning and cement mortar lining and/or replacement of 16,400 feet of Sections 59 and 60, 20-inch diameter cast iron pipe, including new valves, meters (110 Belmont and 121 Arlington), and appurtenances to improve hydraulic capacity, improve water quality, and ensure reliable services.
    • Rehabilitation and/or replacement by cleaning and cement mortar lining of 3,300 feet of Section 24, 20-inch diameter cast iron pipe, in Newton and Watertown to supply Intermediate High hydraulic grade line, to improve hydraulic capacity, improve water quality, and ensure reliable service.
    • Rehabilitation by cleaning and cement mortar lining of 2,000 of Section 47, 20-inch and 16-inch diameter cast iron pipe to regain hydraulic capacity, improve water quality, and ensure reliable service.
    • Replacement of Watertown Meter 81.


The total project duration for all three contracts is 90 months.

Project Updates

March 10, 2022

Construction Update

Contruction updates will be posted here.

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Updated: September 1, 2022
Original Post: March 10, 2022