Wastewater Advisory Committee to the MWRA
May 3, 2013, Pellet Plant Tour with Carl Pawlowski, MWRA


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On May 3, 2013, WAC toured MWRA's Residuals to Fertilizer Plant in Quincy, Massachusetts. The "pellet plant" manufactures Bay State Fertilizer from the residual solids from wastewater.
MWRA - Harbor view from second floor conference room
Harbor view from the second floor conference room
Carl Pawlowski,
MWRA Residuals Manager Carl Pawlowski leads the tour
MWRA - Digested Sludge Comes In
Digested sludge comes in
MWRA - Residuals in the Water Returned to Deer Island
Residual water returned to Deer Island
MWRA - Heating for Dryer at Sludge to Fertilizer Plant
Heating for dryer
MWRA - Red dryers spinning
Red dryers spinning (QuickTime video)
MWRA - The NEFCO stack
The NEFCO stack
Surplus augers, pipes at harbor side
Surplus augers, pipes at harbor side
MWRA - WAC on tour
WAC on tour
MWRA - Falcon Box
A wooden box, center top, was put there to give some resident Peregrine falcons a place to nest. They haven't returned this year.

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Updated May 13, 2013