TO:                  Reviewers of MWRAĠs Cottage Farm CSO Facility Assessment Report           

MA Department of Environmental ProtectionĠs Variance on

MWRAĠs CSO Control Plan for the Lower Charles River Basin


FROM:             Stephanie Moura, Project Manager, MWRA

                        Jeffrey McLaughlin, Community Relations Coordinator, MWRA


DATE:             April 20, 2004


SUBJECT:        Extension of MEPA Public Comment Period


Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) wishes to inform all reviewers of the Cottage Farm CSO Facility Assessment Report and other interested parties that the MEPA Office of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs has extended the public comment period for this report by one month, at MWRAĠs request.  With the extension, public comments on the report must be received by the MEPA Office no later than Monday, May 24, 2004.


MWRA filed the Cottage Farm Report with the MEPA Office on January 15, 2004, to provide information integral to a water quality standards determination that the MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is scheduled to make later this year for the Charles River Basin.  At the time of filing, MWRA requested and was granted a 90-day comment period, ending on April 23.  On April 8, DEP and MWRA conducted a public meeting on the report and on the Charles River CSO variance and water quality standards decision process.  Attendees at the public meeting requested that additional time be provided for public review, and MWRA agreed to seek a one-month extension with DEPĠs support.  The extension has since been requested by MWRA and granted by the MEPA Office.


Written comments may be submitted to the MEPA Office electronically, by mail, via FAX, or by hand delivery.  The mailing address for comments is:


Secretary Ellen Roy Herzfelder
EOEA, Attn: MEPA Office
Nicholas Zavolas, EOEA No. 10335
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston MA 02114


MEPA FAX# (617) 626-1181


For more information about the Cottage Farm CSO Facility Assessment Report or MWRAĠs CSO control plan for the Charles River Basin, please contact Stephanie Moura (617-788-4399) at MWRA.