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Water Saving Appliances
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority



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Money Isn't All Your'e Saving

High efficiency clothes washers and dishwashers save water and save energy. They can cost a bit more but you'll enjoy significant savings on your water and energy bills that will really add up over time.

EPA's Energy Star website lists participating manufacturers.

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Thinking about replacing that old, worn-out clothes washing machine? High efficiency clothes washers save water, energy and space in your home. Most are front-end loaders that use tumbling action to get clothes clean. Look for the Energy Star Label to ensure that you're buying the most efficient product possible. Consider this:

  • High efficiency clothes washers use 30% - 50% less water, that's 5,000 gallons per year!
  • They use 50% - 60% less energy to run.
  • They require 1/3 less detergent.
  • Your clothes will get less wear and tear in a high efficiency washer.
  • They'll need less time in the dryer, too.


You can spend less money on water and spend less time in the kitchen if you switch to a high-efficiency dishwasher. Again, the Energy Star label will point you to the best water-savers.  High efficiency dishwashers use about 6-10 gallons of water per load of dishes (some use as little as 3.7 gallons!). Compare that to 9-12 gallons per load for average dishwashers and 20 gallons for hand washing.  Many models require little or no pre-rinsing of dishes – that's more water and time saved.

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Updated April 10, 2008