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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
2003 Report on your Drinking Water - a message from your local water department

Department of Public Works
50 No. Warren Street, Woburn, MA 01801

Frederick W. Russell, PE
Telephone 781-932-4410
Fax 781-932-4438

Public Water Supply #: 3035000

Dear Water Customer:

The Woburn Department of Public Works, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) supplies potable water to approximately 12,500 residential and commercial customers. This report provides information on the quality of water supplied through the municipal well field at Horn Pond. MWRA water quality information is contained elsewhere in this report. The following water quality data contains results based on annual testing performed in 2003.



Manganese PPM Hardness
A2 1.2 6.9 52.3 0.006 0.207
B 0.4 7.2 38.4 0.083 0.193 80.8
C2 0.7 7.0 53.0 0.026 0.471 90.1
D 0.5 6.7 26.5 0.019 0.0262 77.9
I 1.6 7.0 44.5 0.214 0.222 94.8
F(1) 0 0 0 0 0 0

(1) Well F not on line with distribution system for 2003.

In addition to above, the City obtains and tests samples from each Well for volatile and synthetic organic compounds, inorganic compounds and bacteria. Within the distribution system, twelve separate locations are tested periodically for bacteria, trihalomethanes, iron, manganese, lead and copper. No bacteria indications have been found at the test sites. Other sites are tested periodically.

  90% Value (Target) Action Level

(Ideal Goal) MCLG

# of homes that failed AL/
# of homes tested
LEAD .0048 mg/l 0.015 mg/l 0 1 of 60
COPPER 0.1280 mg/l 1.3 mg/l 0 0 of 60


Running Annual Average
Total Trihalothanes ppb 80 0 42.4 24.9 to 61.5 Byproduct of water disinfection No
Holoacetic Acids 5 ppb 60 0 17.0 8.4 to 26.4 Byproduct of water disinfection No
Chloramine ppm 4 4 0.71 0.04-2.1 Water disinfection No
Definitions of terms and abbreviations (e.g., MCL and MCLG, etc.) are found on the attached MWRA Annual Water Quality Report. The MWRA Report also includes other “required” U.S. EPA information for consumers.

The Department of Public Works is continuing an aggressive policy of system maintenance and implementation of a major capital improvements program. These include the following programs, which are under design or being constructed.

Continuance of the City-wide valve maintenance and hydrant flushing program to remove sediments from the system and improve the operation of valves and hydrants.

Installation of a new water booster station off Bow Street to increase water pressure along Montvale Avenue, Hilltop Terrace, Sherman Place and Parkview Road.

Installation of an 8” diameter water main loop between Dix Road and Dix Road Extension and installation of a new 12” water main along Middle Street in 2004.

Citywide cleaning and relining of older mains on Cambridge Road and Salem Street to improve transmission capacity and water quality.

Installation of new 16” diameter main and 8” diameter main along New Boston Street to complete the loop with Atlantic Avenue and to increase fire flows in the area.

Repair of the Hillside Avenue (Rag Rock) Storage Tank including painting and replacement of the existing roof in 2004.

Construction of a new of Well D to increase production of water supplied by the Horn Pond Water Treatment Plant.

Completion of the Department of Public Works website, which lists all water quality test results performed in the current calendar year.

The City of Woburn is committed to providing clean and safe water to its residents and will continue to implement improvements that will allow us to meet this goal now and in the future.