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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
2003 Report on your Drinking Water - a message from your local water department

19 Boston Post Road By-Pass, Weston, MA 02493
Telephone 781-893-1263
Fax 781-899-5690

Water Division Office
74 Warren Avenue, Weston, MA 02493
Telephone 781-893-2363
Fax 781-899-2700

We offer this Drinking Water Report for the 2003 calendar year to inform customers of the quality of the drinking water supplied by Weston Public Works - Water Division.

Water for Weston is purchased from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). This water has already received primary disinfection before it is drawn into our pumping station on Wellesley Street. This water is treated with chlorine and ammonia, which react in the water to form chloramines, and is then pumped to four storage tanks located in Weston. We have used Chloramines to provide secondary disinfection since August of 1998. This form of disinfection has proven to be safe and effective in providing the highest quality of drinking water to the residents of Weston. The Water Division maintains over 100 miles of distribution pipelines, over 900 fire hydrants and services more than 3,500 accounts.

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We take pride in our water quality. In order to maintain high quality drinking water, the distribution system needs routine maintenance every year. We sample our water weekly at various sites for bacterial contaminants. In 2003, more than 175 bacteria samples were processed, 100% of these samples tested negative for bacteria.

Because the Town provides its own disinfection, our results are slightly different than the results from the MWRA.



Total Trihalomethanes ppb Avg= 80 0 Avg = 65.9 35-106 Byproduct of water disinfection
Haloacetic Acids-5 ppb Avg =60 0 Avg= 21.8 0.5-48.5 Byproduct of water disinfection NO
Chloramine ppm Avg=4 4 Avg=1.01 0.1-1.95 Water disinfection NO

Definitions of terms and abbreviations (e.g., MCL and MCLG) are found on page 3 of the MWRA report. The MWRA Report also includes other “required” EPA information for customers.

In 2004 the Town of Weston will replace an unlined water main on North Avenue (between Lexington Street and the Waltham Line) and also undertake Water Appurtenance Improvements on Newton Street (replacing gate valves and hydrants).

Richard C. Nota
Director of Operations
Department of Public Works

Russell J. Ferrelli,
Water Division

The MWRA and the Watertown Department of Public Works are pleased to bring you the annual water quality report to consumers on the quality of your drinking water.

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The Town of Watertown purchases its water from the MWRA and supplies it to you through our distribution system. The Department of Public Works and the MWRA monitor the water supply to ensure that your water meets or surpasses every applicable federal, state or local standard.

Water quality is an increasing priority of the Department. Towards that end, we have dedicated a full time staff member to issues of water quality. Our programs and services are constantly being expanded and fine tuned.

Please read pages 5 and 6 for more information on lead and tap water. It is important to note that based on individual plumbing, actual lead counts will vary from home to home and from faucet to faucet. Should you have questions or concerns about the potential for lead counts in your own water, please contact the Department of Public Works at 617.972.6420.

Not only has the Department not been issued any Notices of Non-Compliance (NONs) but, it was issued a very favorable annual review by the Department of Environmental Protection at the time of its most recent evaluation.

The Department of Public Works is proud of our water supply, of our service, and of the staff that serves you. We will always do our very best to ensure the quality of your water and your water service.

If you require more information on particular topics or have specific questions, feel free to call us a 617.972.6420. The body of this report also contains contacts and phone numbers for the regional office of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, for the Safe Drinking Water Hotline, and for the MWRA.


Gerald S. Mee, Jr.,
Superintendent of Public Works

Justin P. Pelletier,
Assistant Superintendent for Utilities