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2003 Report on your Drinking Water - a message from your local water department

Department of Public Works

Public Water Supply #: 2277000

Dear Water Customer,

The Southborough Department of Public Works is proud to provide our water customers with our sixth annual water quality report. This 2003 Water Quality Report is the result of a cooperative effort and partnership with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). Due to the fact that 100% of our water is purchased from the MWRA, this partnership is a vital part in the continued delivery of high quality water to the residents of Southborough.

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The importance of this partnership was never more evident than this year with the activation of the new Metrowest Tunnel. The changeover from the Hultman to the Metrowest was a very challenging and delicate operation that required a tremendous amount of coordination between the MWRA staff and ours. We would like to thank the MWRA and their staff for making what we had worried, would be a very difficult time, a smooth and successful transition.

As part of our water system master plan, Phase I of the Oregon/Edgewood Roads water main project was completed. We hope to have Phase II, out to bid and under construction this year. Phase II will start where Phase I left off at the end of Oregon Road, continue through an easement to Vine Street, connect to an existing pipe installed under the Mass Pike and along Walnut Drive to our existing 12” main on Oak Hill Road. This project, when finished, will complete a 12” water main loop to the south east part of town, thereby providing the southern most part of our water system with better flows, less pressure drops during high demand times and a much needed redundancy to the area.

In addition to the testing results found in the main portion of this report, the Department of Environmental Protection requires Southborough water system to sample five locations per year for PCE (Tetrachloroethylene) in areas where there is vinyl-lined asbestos cement pipe. The MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) for PCE is 5 parts per billion (ppb). Results are as follows:


Detected Level (ppb)

#1 5.0 0 ND & 0.8
#2 5.0 0 3.2 NO
#3 5.0 0 0.9 NO
#4 5.0 0 ND NO
#5 5.0 0 ND NO
ND = No detection.
Definitions of terms and abbreviations are found within the MWRA Water Quality Report.

The Southborough Department of Public Works hope you find this report informative. If you have any questions related to this report or any other water related questions, please feel free to give us a call at 508-485-1210.


John W. Boland,

Donald A. Buzzell,
Assistant Superintendent