Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
2003 Report on your Drinking Water - a message from your local water department


Public Water Supply # 3199000

The Town of Needham receives its water from two separate sources. The primary source is its own wells located at the Charles River Wellfield. The wellfield is located at the extreme westerly end of Needham on Charles River Street near Winding River Road. This wellfield has been the major source of water since the 1930’s. The Town’s secondary source is from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). This supply enters through a 36” diameter pipe that runs from the MWRA’s Hultman Aqueduct in Weston to the booster pumping station on Central Avenue at St. Mary Street. This connection was made in the mid-1950’s. The Drinking Water Report you are reading addresses the MWRA supply only. A separate report will be produced by the Needham Department of Public Works (DPW)for the 2003 reporting period. Needham residents will receive this report in the mail on or before July 1, 2004. This will contain specific information on water from the Charles River Wellfield and the Town of Needham’s water distribution system.

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The MWRA has provided this opportunity for each community who is served by the MWRA to report on specific activities that are occurring within the community that ultimately have an impact on the consumer. The Department of Public Works continue to undertake construction and maintenance projects designed to provide consumers with the safest and most reliable supply of water it can.

Charles River Water Treatment Facility
To maintain compliance with federal and state drinking standards, Needham well water must be treated before it reaches consumers’ taps. This treatment process is provided by the Charles River Water Treatment Facility located at 914 Charles River Street. Treatment processes include oxidation and removal of manganese by pressure filtration, pH adjustment to raise the natural pH and alkalinity of Needham’s water, thereby reducing the water’s corrosiveness to household plumbing, disinfection via the addition of chlorine, fluoridation which aids in promoting strong teeth., and injection of polyphosphate to minimize calcium from precipitating in homes. All components of the water distribution system are closely monitored by state certified operators through computerized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems.

Water Quality
Needham collected more than 500 water samples analyzing for over 100 potential contaminants in 2003. We are proud to report that our drinking water met or exceeded all state and federal water quality standards established by the U.S. EPA. The last round of lead and copper ”at the tap“ sampling was completed in February 2004. Results from the analyses conducted by an independent certified laboratory showed the Town continues to remain in compliance with Lead and Copper Regulations. Repeat monitoring, required by the DEP, will next be conducted in the summer of 2004.

If Needham residents have any questions about Needham’s water quality, please contact William Wanberg, Water Treatment Manager, at (781) 416-4071.