Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
2003 Report on your Drinking Water - a message from your local water department

Town of Belmont
Department of Public Works
Public Water Supply # 302600

The 2003 Drinking Water Report provides information to residents of Belmont on their water supply. The Belmont Water Department works in partnership with MWRA to communicate where your water comes from, how it is treated and tested, and how we get it to your tap.

The Water Division is engaged in an ambitious long-term capital improvement program based on a comprehensive study of the water distribution system. This program, which began in 1995 and is known as the Water Main Replacement Program, is intended to replace 40% of the water mains in Belmont within a thirty-year period and is segmented into yearly projects. To date, slightly more than 13 miles of aged, deteriorated, and undersized water main has been replaced with new larger diameter ductile iron pipe. This work improved both water quality and the hydraulic reliability of Belmont’s drinking water system.

In addition to the Water Main Replacement Program, the Water Division continues to provide high quality service to our customers. These services include 24-hour emergency response, water main repair, hydrant replacement, service renewals and other improvements to the water distribution system.

We work in cooperation with the MWRA, Mass. Department of Environmental Protection, and the US EPA to continue to provide Belmont’s residents with a safe and adequate supply of drinking water. If you have any questions regarding this report or any other water quality questions, you can call Belmont Water Department at 617-489-8280. Thanks for reading.