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MWRA's Drinking Water Test Results for 2005 -
Customer Comments

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Cover of report - 2005
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In our Annual Report on What's New About Your Drinking Water we invited our customers to let us know what they think about their drinking water. This year we received more feedback than usual. Below are some of the comments we have received via letter, e-mail and telephone.

If you have comments or questions about this report,
please contact us.
Call (617) 242-5323, e-mail, or send a letter to: MASSACHUSETTS WATER RESOURCES AUTHORITY, 100 FIRST AVENUE, BOSTON MA 02129.



"The water tastes great! I have noticed a marked taste improvement and a complete lack of odor in the water.  You are doing splendid work.  Besides that, I now have “NO” need to buy bottled water anymore.  That alone is a major savings. I know it has been a major roller coaster ride between the MWRA , the cities and towns, and the consumers, but it has been well worth it. Thank you."

- A.M., Medford

"Since the water was changed over a year ago, we gave up all use of Poland Springs. We did a 'taste test,' refrigerating a glass of each, and preferred the new Lexington water! Not only does this change reduce our costs for bottled water, reduce the nuisance of having to shop for it, but, for me, most important, it's a lot easier on my poor old back not to have to pour from big bottles, but to just use the good old tap. Thanks!

- Marian S.

Hello. The MWRA report I got in the mail encouraged me to comment on the quality of the water. I stopped using my Brita filter a few years ago because I decided I liked the taste of Somerville's water right out of the tap. Interestingly, my taste buds never noticed the switch to the John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant.  Ought I to have?

-Manni W.

"Thank you for the report which we read with interest. We live in Waban, part of Newton, and have been using an Aqua-Pure house filter system for several years. Until about a year ago the initially white filters became quite brown in a couple of months. Since a year or so ago the filters hardly get discolored at all. At first I thought the filters may not be doing their job but now I wonder if the change in quality of the water delivered to the house is responsible.Your views will be appreciated."

- Mike H.

“Just a thank-you for switching to ozone.  Thank you very much for getting rid of the chlorine in the water. The water is much improved since the switch to ozone. The water keeps getting better and better.”

- Karl M.

“The water tastes much better, and my vegetables also taste much better after I rinse them, particularly my lettuce.”

- M.D.

“The report is excellent and very informative for my students.  Also my water in Brookline tastes so much better.  I always fill my Poland Spring bottle with tap water.”

- Darcy R.

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Updated July 26, 2006