Writing Contest Winners 2023-2024

Honorable Mention, Grades 6-8

Jaelan Villar
Grade 8, Boston Teachers Union School K-8, Boston
Ms. Angela Myers, Teacher

The Boy From The Window

Every day after school there was a young boy named Jess who would sit at the window of his living room to watch the workers repair old pipes under the street. One day one of the laborers from MWRA noticed that Jess was watching them from the window. The laborer yelled from the streets asking Jess to come down. Jess ran downstairs and greeted the plumbers. He asked the plumbers what they are doing and why they are working in this big hole in the ground. The plumbers explained to Jess that they were switching the pipe because they are too old and dirty.

Jess thought that the work they were doing was cool. He also thought about how important these workers were to his neighborhood because after all they were making sure residents had clean water. Jess thinks that what they are doing is cool and Jess says that he wants to become a plumber when he wants to grow up. The boy continues to watch the plumbers that work on his street every day after school and he also told his teacher and all his classmates that he wants to be a plumber when he grows up. Jess keeps learning from the plumbers working on his street and he keeps talking to them every day to learn what they do.

Jess now graduated from high school and is now going to get his work experience so he can become eligible to become a plumber.

The boy keeps working and gets all of his hours of on-site work to become a plumber. Jess now starts working as a plumber on the streets.

Now Jess is a plumber and there is another boy that looks at him through a window and he calls the boy down to see him and then shows him all of his tools and what he does for work. The boy now gets inspired and wants to work for the MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resources Authority) and he wants to be a plumber like Jess. Then Jess tells the boy all the hard work he has to do to become a plumber. The boy starts working hard to become a plumber.

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