Writing Contest Winners 2023-2024

Second Place, Grades 6-8

Theo Lambert
Grade 6, Gibbs School, Arlington
Mr. Travis Woodward, Teacher

MWRA Rap Song

I work at the MWRA
I move the heavy stuff.
My jobs may seem pretty hard
But it’s not really rough!
I operate big machines
And repair them too,
I work the crane and backhoe
And the pneumatic tools!
Know what I am yet?
If no then you’ll see,
So just listen to me,
You just gotta believe.
I have some hand tools,
And a mobile radio.
And I excavate holes,
Way down low!
I work with the pumps
And install the pipelines,
I repair the leaks
And it’s mighty fine!
I operate equipment
For valve replacement,
I love my job
And I get a good payment!
Haven’t got my job yet?
Then listen some more!
And by the end of this song
You’ll be down on the floor!
I put in Mechanical Shoring Systems
You know?
If you don’t that’s fine
Just trust me and go!
I often work
In wet or humid places,
Only rarely I
Am at risk near vibrations.
And there’s the occasional
Toxic chemical,
And once in a while
Some airborne particles!
But this is super rare
My job is fun! You’ll see!
Is the place to be!
I am often near
Moving mechanical parts
It’s a little loud
But it’s kind of my art!
I sometimes have to
Stoop, Kneel, Crouch, Or Crawl
But my job is fun
Like tearing down a wall!
You might think I just have
To stand and walk
But I sometimes lift 60 pounds
That’s a LOT of stone blocks
I think it’s finally time
I told you what my job is
So just listen up kids!
I’m a Heavy Equipment Operator
At the MWRA
So that’s my job
And that’s what I got to say! 

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