Writing Contest Winners 2023-2024

First Place, Grades 6-8

Evelyn Crowley
Grade 7, Andrews Middle School, Medford
Mrs. Kerry Bronnenkant, Teacher

Water Quality Sampling Specialists

Water Quality Sampling Specialists have a unique role at the MWRA. Their responsibilities are difficult tasks to complete but vital for the safety of drinking water throughout the communities served by the MWRA. They collect samples to properly assess the water quality. Without them, we would not know about the safety of our water. With their help, we know that the water in Massachusetts is some of the best in the country.

Water quality is the condition of the water, essentially whether it is clean or dirty. Testing for water quality includes analysis of the physical or chemical properties. During the Covid-19 pandemic, some water scientists also tested for viruses and other infectious diseases in the waste water. This became a new way to monitor public health.

When I read the MWRA website I saw the posting for a Water Quality Sampling Intern. I learned about the role and responsibilities. What surprised me were two things. First, I saw that you had to learn so many different sciences like chemistry and biology. Second, I noticed the testing schedule for these interns was everyday – something I never knew about this job.

Water Quality Sampling Specialists make sure our water is safe for consumption and use in households. They work diligently in the field and laboratories to test water and their work greatly supports water science at the MWRA. They look for harmful bacteria, chemicals, contaminants, and many more concerns, fulfilling one of the first steps in cleaning our water. These specialists can also help with complaints about water quality. The tests that are performed determine the safety of the water that flows into our homes.

Water Quality Sampling Specialists protect our communities. I am fascinated by how one job can have such a large impact. Some may not realize the value that clean water has, taking it for granted. It takes so much work across the MWRA system to guarantee the safety of the water as it travels from the reservoirs to the cities and towns. I believe that water sampling specialists play an important role and should be deeply appreciated.

The reason I chose this job to write about is because of my older sister. She recently started college going into the field of environmental studies, specifically water science. She has pursued research projects testing water quality in local rivers and lakes. With her as my teacher, I have learned simple tests for pH, oxygen levels and turbidity, which are measures of water quality. While I may not become a water scientist, this experience has sparked my interest in many other sciences.

The public benefits from all that is done by the MWRA, but a large thank you goes to the specialists that test our water. Their hard work provides comfort to everyone in the MWRA area. The employees who complete these tasks to supply us with clean water are essential. They perform a crucial role in monitoring water safety.

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