Writing Contest Winners 2023-2024

Honorable Mention, Grades 3-5

Luke Viselli
Grade 5, Galvin Middle School, Wakefield
Mrs. Heather Cook, Teacher

“Superheroes of the MWRA”

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear MWRA uniforms!

Microbiologists study and monitor water bacteria
Welders repair, cut and install water pipes
Regional Inspector make sure everyone is safe in their job roles
Automotive Technician maintains and fixes vehicles and equipment that are used by the MWRA
Warehouse Managers count supply of items
Operators treat our drinking water
Regional Inspector also inspects facilities and vehicles used by the MWRA
K-12 Educators teach kids the importance of the MWRA and how it helps us all have a safe and clean water system.
Engineers design and oversee projects that prevent flood related damage
Regional Inspector issues violations if things are not being done safely and correctly
Safety Coordinator monitors ways to prevent risks to the water system.