Writing Contest Winners 2023-2024

Second Place, Grades 3-5

Madison Briggs
Grade 5, L.W. Pingree Primary School, Weymouth
Ms. Christine Marcella, Teacher

A Little Drop Goes A Long Way

What’s that drop falling from the sky that makes its way to your glass?
Who’s that K-12 educator who teaches to your class?

That drop comes from the Quabbin Reservoir and is treated by water operators at the John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant
The educator’s there to make this complicated system easy to understand

Water Professionals use Ozone gas and UV light as strong disinfectant
They both are healthier compared to other chemicals which makes them so effective

These professionals work night and day making sure your water is clean
Disinfecting and dechlorinating until it’s ready to return to the great marine

When it is, the sewage is released through more than 50 diffuser drains
And the MWRA workers release it into Mass. Bay without a complain

This water can be used for more purposes like brushing your teeth or washing your hands
But there’s much more important work being done over the lands

The chemists perform complicated chemical inspections on wastewater, water, and air
Who provides their expertise and data study for construction of water and sewer systems? Well it’s the engineers!

Harbor Samplers use sensors and grab samplers to take measurements under the bay
So from taking harbor samples to construction projects to intense chemical surveys, MWRA employees work hard to guarantee that a tiny little drop goes a very long way! : )

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