Writing Contest Winners 2023-2024

First Place Winner, Grades 3-5

Eleanor Nuernberger
Grade 5, Galvin Middle School, Wakefield
Ms. Katelyn Guilmette, Teacher

The Work of Biologists at MWRA

I chose to write about the biologists of the MWRA because when I grow up I want to be a biologist (specifically, a marine biologist). Biologists study plants, animals, and the environments where they live. Researching for this essay helped me learn more about the daily work of a biologist, and reinforced my passion for this topic. Here is a quick joke about biologists to start us off: How did the pirate punish the marine biologist? By making him walk the PLANKton…

Now down to business: The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (also known as the MWRA) helps make clean water for Eastern and Central Massachusetts, including Boston. As a resident of Wakefield, I drink MWRA water every day.

The MWRA has many biologists working for them. They work to sample the water from the Quabbin and Wachusett reservoirs and test the water quality. Also, they help with the algae collection and monitoring in reservoirs. They classify the algae on the surface water. They help with testing associated with water transport and storage equipment, and with water quality complaints.

Biologists are important to the MWRA because without them the MWRA probably would not succeed. There would be no one to test samples or test water quality. Without examining the water it would not be safe to drink. There could be bacteria that we don’t know about, then people could end up drinking the water and getting sick.

MWRA biologists work hard every day to make clean water for thousands of people. If they did not exist then we would be drinking dirty water. They test samples, study, research, and do more everyday so that you can have clean water to drink, shower in, wash your clothes, and so much more. All of this work is so you can have water that is safe to use. Many people waste water that takes a lot of work to get ready. So next time you use water, think about how much you’re using. Try to save as much as you can!

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