Writing Contest Winners 2019-2020

Honorable Mention, Grades 6-8

Adryana Simard

Grade 7, Immaculate Conception School, Revere
Mr. Ricardo Toranzo, Teacher


I stumble into the bathroom after a long day of shopping with my mom and look for the make-up wipes. I find the shiny blue packaging and start to take off my make-up leaving my tan make-up on the wipe. I look at the packaging and it says "Flushable" I nonchalantly throw it into the toilet and flush. My mom walks in and looks at me with a surprised look.

"Did you flush that?" She walks over to me and picks up the packaging and pulls out a wipe.

"Yeah the package says flushable." I say annoyed knowing I'm right and point to the big black "Flushable" label. Mom finishes wiping her face and folds up the wipe.

"That label means that it can be flushed but it doesn't mean it should be. Just don't do it again" Mom states calmly then throws her wipe in the trash then leaves the bathroom and into her room across the hall.

I see myself in the mirror and I look like I've seen a ghost. I grab the package then rush into her room like a bull in a china shop. I see her sitting on her bed near the headboard and I sit at the bottom of the bed.

"What do you mean you can't flush it says you can" I show her the package and she points to the label.

"You technically can but you shouldn't. Make-up wipes won't disintegrate in sewers like toilet paper will. It can create a blockage in the sewer." She grabs her phone and starts typing.

"What are you doing?" I scoot beside her so I can see what she's doing and a cave-like image.

"It's the London fatberg. That's what happens if you flush things you are not supposed to down the toilet or drain." She looks at me with her "I told you so look" I then realize what I'm looking at.

"Ew! Gross!" I scoot to the bottom of the bed to try and get the mental image of what the fatberg is made out of.

"Don't you get why you shouldn't flush your make-up wipes down the toilet anymore?" She smirks at me and gives me the look we all have when you prove somebody wrong.

I quickly nod and get up off the bed then turn around "So what can I flush down the toilet?"

"Only flush toilet paper or if it comes out of you if you know what I mean." I realize and my face turns red from self-embarrassment.

"Yep I get it mom." I rush to get out of the room when I hear mom call out for me.

"You sure cause I could do a talk right now about everything that should and shouldn't be flushed down the toilet!" I hear her mocking voice and cover my ears.

"Trust me mom I get it!" Every time I hear her I try to block out more sound with my hands as I run to my room and plop on my bed.

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