Writing Contest Winners 2019-2020

Honorable Mention Winner, Grades 3-5

Lincoln Collier
Grade 5, Warren-Prescott School, Charlestown
Mrs. Tina Champagne, Teacher

Don’t Flush That!

Here’s a little ditty about things you can’t flush.
Like stickers, and Q-tips, and hair from a brush.

Like medicine, and Band-Aids, and lollipop sticks,
Baby wipes, dental floss, or guitar picks.

It all seems so fine in your house or at school,
To toss those things in the toilet, but no that’s not cool!

The problem begin in your pipes, then the sewer!
Clogging things up makes pipes older, not newer.

Out on Deer Isle there are high tech machines,
That need to run smoothly to keep water clean.

If the pumping station is clogged with junk,
Our toilets will fill with all kinds of funk.

If our sewer lines get kinks,
We’ll be swimming in stinks.

Let’s take care of our pipes,
This is meant for all types.

If we stop flushing trash,
Our water system won’t get smashed.

So when you consider flushing a little toy hat,
Just pause and sing this ditty… Don’t Flush That!

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