Writing Contest Winners 2019-2020

First Place Winner, Grades 3-5

Abigail Doucette
Grade 5, Galvin Middle School, Wakefield
Mrs. Cynthia Fitzpatrick, Teacher

The Truth About Toilets

Let’s talk about something that’s kinda funny,
It starts with our toilet and it could cost you some money.
I am here to tell you what you can flush down,
And it will help to clean up your town!

Some things are OK to flush down the pipes,
But please do no flush down any wipes!
Do not ever throw down plastic,
Make sure to whip it in the basket.

Don’t even think about flushing down hair,
It will clog up the pipes and cause a big ball down there.
When brushing your teeth and doing a good floss,
Don’t try to flush what is left or it will be your loss.

Diapers can be very gross and smelly,
So much that they really can hurt your belly.
But flushing a diaper will cause a big blob,
And soon you will be calling a plumber to do the job.

And the grossest of all, I don’t even want to say,
But vomit can also be flushed right away.

So what can you really flush down?
Pee is just fine and the stuff that is brown.
Toilet paper down the pipes will be a good fit,
But be sure to use just a little bit.

Keep in mind don’t flush tissues y’all,
All they do is form a big ball.
Don’t flush down any type of pill.
Only flush that stuff that comes out when you’re feeling ill.

Make sure to throw disposable toilet brushes in the trash,
Or else they are going to make a big splash.
Toilet paper is good to flush,
Because it just turns into slush.

So next time you pee and poo,
Make sure only that goes down the loo.
But if something else goes to the tank,
Hopefully you have a big piggy bank.

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