MWRA 2012-2013 Writing Contest Winners

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Masha Leyfer
Grade 6, Oak Hill Middle School, Newton Centre
Paul Lyons, Russell Hunt and Teirney Leary, Teachers


Dear Community...

Dear Community,
Recently there's
Been a debate:
Which one should
we hate? Water in bottles, or that from the
tap? All this bottled water with the ads that lie,
clearly have something to hide; maybe it's the lack
of protection. Maybe it's the lack of inspection. Perhaps
the harmful chemicals that put your body at risk, or the
bacteria that are extremely amiss. Maybe it's the mold, or
perhaps even the occasional cricket? Maybe it's the waste of oil
plastic and gas; maybe it's the deaths of marine animals, or the
Pacific Garbage Patch: Larger than The U.S.A and filled with plastic
contaminants, it's terrible for our animals, people, and plants. We
can't forget that these water bottles are slow to decay, which means they
are here for a thousand years to stay. In fact some will never rot, but this
will have to stop! Bottled water has long been disgraced. You don't want
to drink water near hazardous waste! It's happened before, and companies
are doing nothing to make their quality rise, so instead they compromise:
Pretty pictures, pretty lies What a horrible disguise! In fact, bottled water
is just like water from the tap! Except of course, it cost 2,900 times more.
This is simply an advertisers trap! Think of future generations, you
don't want them to live in a world we destroyed! You
don't want them to drown in bottle caps!!! In a year'
the bottles will fill the Empire State Building
twenty times. You don't want to be guilty of
these kind of crimes. 80% of water bottles are
being thrown away, keeping an improved environment
at bay. The average bottle can't be reused, in fact if you do
things people don't want in their bodies will enter into you!
There isn't even much that you can do, as before you even
take off the cap, it's already too late; 90% of the damage has
been done. Great! Our path to extinction has already begun. In fact
you wouldn't even know if the water you are drinking isn't well. The
producers don't have to tell you, so their business is quite swell. They
aren't telling you that 1/3 of brands that were tested, did not qualify, They
Lie Lie Lie! We should know about omitted truths, that are destructive to
our health. They tempt you, weaving lies with impressive stealth, but we can
outwit them, and it's very simple actually: Quit drinking water in plastic bottles.
Together we can all be role models! Instead, drink water from the tap. It's
very beneficial. It has fluoride, magnesium, and little led. It's safer, greener
and healthier for you. Start helping all the planets creatures without any
hidden costs! Why be so wasteful? It's true, it's really quite distasteful.
So do your part to make a better planet, a better future, a better you!

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