MWRA 2012-2013 Writing Contest Winners

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Julia Vaz
Grade 5, Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy, Dorchester
Mrs. Roach, Teacher


Why and How Tap Water is Better

Oh my goodness! Is that bottled water I see? I hope that’s my imagination because if it is, I will go crazy! Bottled water is polluting the Earth, manufacturers are lying to consumers, and buying bottled water is wasting your money. I'll tell you why and how tap water is better.

First of all, let’s focus on pollution. We are buying so much bottled water that most of it doesn't even get recycled because the recycling plants can't keep up with how much we're throwing away. Tap water doesn't come in plastic bottles so it is not polluting the Earth. Bottled water sometimes come in one of those little rings the eventually ends up in the ocean which kills marine animals. Tap water does not come in little rings.

Second off, advertising companies are manipulating consumers. On commercials they tell you the water is from Poland Spring, Fiji, Ice Mountain, etc.

They will tell you all the things they want but, it is just a bunch of baloney! Tap water doesn’t have to lie. We all know tap water comes from a reservoir, a natural resource. Bottled water has a chemical called phthalate which causes cancer (tap water does not).

Lastly, economics. Do you really want to pay 240-10,000 times more money for bottled water, rather than tap? It costs 1 penny for 5 gallons of tap water. Why would you want to pay for bottled water when you could get it for free out of the tap? So be smart next time you go food shopping and don't buy bottled water. Wait, let me say that again, don't buy bottled water!

There is a simple solution to stop all of this "Just don’t buy it ever.” I mean, it’s not rocket science or anything. You’re helping the Earth and yourself by drinking tap water. If you want to know more you can check it out online or go to your local library. I think tap water is better for you, that’s why I made my mom and I switch to tap water.

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