MWRA 2012-2013 Writing Contest Winners

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Karla Morales-Solis
Grade 5, McKinley School, Revere
Mrs. Monagle, Teacher


Water Wrestling Entertainment: B.W. vs. Tappy

Welcome to WWE (Water Wrestling Entertainment!) The best and only place where you'll see your favorite waters go one on one. Our first match will be with the mighty, dominant.. ... Bottled Waterrrr, and with him the invincible, overpowering ..... Taaaaaappy!

Hear the crowd, they sound like animals cheering for their favorite water star, Tappy.

[crowd]: "T.A.P.P.Y, T.A.P.P.Y, T.A.P.P.Y, and Tappy is the best one."

They sure love that water Tappy.

[bell] "Ding, Ding, Ding!"

The match has begun.

"You don't have fluoride and I do, so I'm good for your teeth," said Tappy while fighting with Bottled Water (B.W.).

"Well" said B.W. , "I'm cleaner than you".

"I'm just as good as you, in fact, even better! I don't need to be recycled like you. When you're finished you get thrown away, plus too much plastic isn't good for the Earth at all," said Tappy.

B.W. [crowd]: "Oooh. Tappy, Tappy... um .... um ... at least people buy me and pay more. I'm more money than you cause I’m better and worth going all the way to the store and bringing the heavy packs back home," said B.W

"Thanks," said Tappy. "You're just telling everybody why I’m better. They don't have to go to the store and buy me. I'm always with them at home and you don't need to carry the heavy packs of water. If you're going somewhere, put me in a reusable plastic bottle, less plastic for the Earth, less money, same taste, right at home. Face it, Bottled Water, I’m the best and no other water will beat me!" said Tappy while standing on top of B.W.

[Referee]: 1, 2.... and B.W. got up.

"This is the end of you," said Tappy.

He grabbed Bottled Water by the leg and pushed him to the ground and followed that with a smack down.

[Referee]: 1, 2, 3 ...

[Crowd]: Yeahhhhhh, Woooohh, Tappy ,Tappy, Tappy.

"I'm the best and don't you forget it, so when you wonder what water is the best I’ve got the answer, ME!

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